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MadNET’s data center is located in Zagreb, HR. Our data center was opened in the Building of the Metronet, Ulica Grada Vukovara 269d in 2005, and we maintain a point of presence (POP) in the building. After growing out of our space at 269d, a comprehensive search was made for a location which would allow ample room for expansion while maintaining the low latency network that MadNET is known for. Space in the telecommunications hotel at Optima Telekom, Bani 75a, Buzin , was procured and MadNET moved their equipment to their space.


Our data center is a Tier III facility supporting power and network uptime SLAs. EMERSON equipment is used for cooling the main data center floor, with primary cooling done via a self-contained glycol system which is pumped to the roof-top coolers and back, and cold-water backup for when the primary glycol source is unavailable or under maintenance. Power is served into our building via dual independent power grids.


The building is fed by two separate power grids via the local electric utility company. Once this feed enters our building, it is routed through redundant Kohler power transfer switches to our main data center floor. Also entering via these power transfer switches is a feed from our generator, which we test monthly to ensure its reliability and to test to make sure that it is in good working order. We hold enough fuel on-site to power our data center floor for about a week without refueling, and longer by receiving shipments of fuel via our petroleum supply company.
After leaving the power transfer switches, the electricity is fed to our redundant UPS unit which is hooked up to batteries. These batteries are meant to be used to power our systems in times when the main power source is unavailable, until the generator can kick in to full power, and to insulate the system from surges of power from the electrical grid. This protects the data center floor from blackouts, brownouts and over-voltages.
If there is a power outage on the grid, whether caused by natural disaster or other cause, you can rest assured that our power and your servers will remain up.


Our facility is carrier neutral, allowing us to bring in many separate providers depending on price and service level. Our building features diverse fiber entrance paths, and we have a choice of dark-fiber providers for physical fiber connectivity. We have bandwidth available from all the major carriers.

If you have a need for a direct cross-connect to these or any other providers, you can inquire about our cross-connect availability and fees, which are very reasonable.


Our facilities are monitored 365/7/24 by security cameras and a guard station is posted at the entrance to the building. Access to the floor of the data center is restricted via card access controls. Man-traps, bullet-proof glass and other security measures are in place to ensure the physical security of your servers. The floor of the data center itself is caged, ensuring only authorized personnel have physical access to systems.

Finally, a Network Operations Center (NOC) is located on the main data center floor. Our technicians work out of this office to monitor the stability and reliability of the network, and serves as our technical base of operations.

Guided Tours

Would you like to see our data center? Have you always wondered where your data lives? Contact us to schedule a guided tour of our data center and to visit our facilities in Zagreb, HR, EU.

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